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Make It Like New Again

     The idea for the Channel Cleaning Tool was born from frustration.  It is the result of a need to satisfy a compulsive desire to return a firearm after use to like new condition.  Over time, numerous implements for other uses (chop sticks, barbecue skewers, punches, paper clips, just to name a few)  were collected and fabricated to use along with a patch.  No single one resolved the requirements for a non-marring, comfortable to use, and broadly applicable solution.  In addition, the Q-tip budget grew out-of-control.


     A prototype was built from sketches of the conceptually perfect solution. The result was nothing short of amazing.  Not only was the work bench less cluttered with tools, but cleaning was faster, fewer supplies were used, and the firearms were significantly cleaner and better functioning.


     The Channel Cleaning Tool has also become popular for uses other than cleaning firearms.  Tradesman such as electricians and plumbers as well as homeowners and hobbyists have found it to be a handy multi-purpose tool.  Examples of uses include reaching in tight quarters, spreading materials and mild scraping.


     The tool is Patented, the product is available and now you can share in the experience.