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The Channel Cleaning Tool, Model G1, is a multipurpose implement for the tradesman, homeowners, and hobbyists.

One word that describes the primary capability of the tool is "REACH".

  • Access narrow channels and cuts
  • Areas with fragile components
  • Working with hazardous or messy materials
  • When a non-magnetic implement is required
  • When non-marring is a must

Sample Tasks

  • Separating components
  • Mild scraping
  • Spreading materials with precision
  • Extracting or installing small couplings, washers, o-rings or bolts
  • Reaching into elbows and other angled connectors
  • Assembly and disassembly of soft materials, prone to scratching
  • Splitting wire bundles 
  • Testing for proper physical connections, i.e. circuit boards, carriers, cross connects
  • Re-orienting sensitive connections, i.e. bent contacts

Available to retailers and wholesalers as Model G1 with unique labeling and user information oriented for use as a multi-tool. The tool is the same as Model F1.